Accountants have been the butt of many a joke for years for being faceless, boring pen pushers and number crunchers, but it seems that a few are breaking the mould and becoming trendsetters in business.

So what’s happened?  The role of the accountant continues to involve tax returns, report writing, form filling, keeping up to date with legislation, and plenty of other monotonous jobs that nobody really wants to do.  However, thanks to great software that is being developed, automated computer processes can now do a lot of the work – did you know that?

Your accountant may not want to share that info with you because they may want to justify their large professional fees!

But it’s still a pretty dull job though, right?  As an accountant, I didn’t study for years to complete forms or produce repetitive tax returns.  In my view, the role of an accountant is to support clients.  This means not only support in ensuring the business is compliant and not liable to the penalties enforceable by HMRC, but also to ensure that the business is on track to continue to grow, develop, and remain successful.  At the end of the day, a successful business is a retained client.  It’s simply in our interest to ensure your business is driven to succeed.

So how does an accountant do that I hear you ask? What do we know?  Well we work with lots of different types of businesses across many different industries, which are all set up and run differently.  We engage with these clients and talk to them about their business.  It takes up time, but we learn.  Learning about the client, the business, the product, the staff, the success stories and the problems.  And we listen.  Everyday is a school day.  In return we offer advice, a solution, and sometimes, just a bit of compassion.  WHAT? Accountants are human beings after all.  And that is something that makes accountants cool – we’re a people business; not a paper business; and not a numbers business.

The days of form filling are numbered.  The Government are even moving away from forms.   Businesses are becoming smarter and are choosing to adopt smarter techniques to build, produce, serve, and deliver.  This is the same in the back office.  Be smarter.  Work smarter.  See? We’re not all that boring!

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