The nice people here at Hazeldene Accounting have put together a list of important deadlines with regard to business accounting for you….

Important deadlines:


  • 18th of each month – PAYE payments must reach HMRC, or
  • 21st of each month – if paying online
  • 31st January – online self assessment return
  • 31st January – 1st payment on account due for self assessment
  • 18th May – Employer Annual Return (P35)
  • 31st May – latest date P60’s must be given to employees
  • 18th July – payment of P11d/Class 1A (Benefit in Kind)
  • 31st July – 2nd payment on account for self assessment
  • 31st October – paper format for self assessment return
  • Corporation Tax due no later than 9 months and 1 day after accounting period
  • 9 months after year end – accounts to be filed with Companies House (Ltd companies only)


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