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Time to think about Tax Returns!

Hope you are all staying safe and well.Are you self-employed or know someone who is? If so - just a reminder that you have until 31 January to submit your 19/20 tax return.... otherwise you will be fined £100 after 31 January, and daily interest will build from that...

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Sole Trader or Limited Company?

If you are a sole trader or are running your own business, one of the key questions you will no doubt face at some stage is whether to work as a sole trader or trade through a limited company. Whilst there are numerous benefits to going limited, many businesses choose...

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Why Do Accountants Get a Bad Press?

  Accountants have been the butt of many a joke for years for being faceless, boring pen pushers and number crunchers, but it seems that a few are breaking the mould and becoming trendsetters in business. So what's happened?  The role of the accountant continues...

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Important dates for your diary!

The nice people here at Hazeldene Accounting have put together a list of important deadlines with regard to business accounting for you.... Important deadlines:   18th of each month - PAYE payments must reach HMRC, or 21st of each month - if paying online 31st...

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